Money is not a huge issue, I know that the change from the XD to the X-2 is minimal, it has a usb connector which I wouldn't use. What do you guys reccomend pay the extra 100 for the newer model or no?. I loved the XD and i'm sure the x-2 is a bit better.
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Are you trying to resell it?

Also, your title shows a $50 difference, but your post says $100. I wouldn't consider the later, but would the former.

To me I'd get the latest just because I'd be anticipating selling it somewhere down the line. But if it really doesn't matter to you, get whichever sounds best to you.

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As I understand it, the effects are slightly different on the new version as well. You might want to look in to that.

Anyhoo, I never had any problems with my XD and it served me very well. If you can afford the updated version then I suppose you might as well get that, but I can't imagine you'd suffer much if you bought the old model instead. Great little amp.
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