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Above are two pics of my floating bridge.
In the first pic, I cannot put the screws in tighter and if I move the springs to create more tension, then it's too tight to actually screw in.
In the second one, you can see that my bridge is leaning just a bit too much forward. When I play an E chord like this, it is out of tune, but as I tilt the bridge back (with the whammy bar) it becomes in tune as it lines up parallel with the body.
How can I increase the spring tension, but still be able to screw it in enough without stripping the screws?

This is the video I used to help me get started: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNNAVzS3cS4
pictures are broken

if its screwed all the way in and its still pulled up a bit then you'll have to add another spring.
rickyj is correct about what's going on, but I can't add any springs. I'm using .010 - .046 strings, maybe I'll try 9s. At one point in time it did work with 10s, but whatever. The annoying thing is that it isn't very far off from what I want either.
I tried changing the strings, so far it looks ok (not ideal) but good enough to stay in tune. I just hope that the string stretching doesn`t ruin that.
Screw in the srews that hold the claw (the part the springs grab onto) deeper into the inside cavity wall. That will pull on the springs.