just clarification

if ur going down.. u end with an upstrke and vice versa?

and if yes.. why?? can't u go faster if u end with down and just continue down?? or somethin
and if no .. whyyy??
You can certainly keep going down if you go down a string, that's called economy picking(or sweeping if it's across more than 2 strings). Some find it a little sloppier-sounding though, I used to economy pick(I'm a pretty sloppy player anyways, I've been trying to correct it of late though) but I started doing standard alternate picking and I've found my playing seems a fair bit cleaner.

Paul Gilbert does standard alternate picking, so it certainly doesn't impair your speed if you do it right. If you can economy pick clean and you like it better than the other kind, though, go for it! It's all about what you're comfortable with.
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Alt picking is more economic and helps keep the rhythm.

One thing to remember when playing guitar, THERE ARE NO RULES! There are many principles and guidelines out there, but you can do whatever you want, so long as you're happy with the end result. Just because one guitarist plays an entire song with downstrokes, doesn't mean the next guy can't use altpicking if he chooses to do so.

And yes. When I skip from low E to D, I'll use and upstroke to hit the D... I think that's what you were asking???
You can do either. It's whatever is more comfortable. Some people like outside picking (down on A string, up on D string), some like inside picking (up on A string, down on D string). You should practice both so in any situation you will be able to pick. You won't always have the luxury of using your favorite pick stroke.
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