So I decided a mush together a few riffs I've been working on the past week or so and decided to package it into one song with some improvisation. Would be grateful for any songwriting and improvisation tips

Set up is always the same - Rock Band microphone in front of a Spider II stack, Jackson DK2M tuned to Dropped C, Audacity and Acoustica Beatcraft for the drums.


Very well played, atmosphere is good...there is a bit where the timing goes odd and it felt like it's way...but then hits a doomy as **** riff.
My only issue with the track is it sounded thin in my cans, dunno if it is an EQ thing but I have used a C tuning (kudos to the non sloppy dist) before and it has been quite bassy and has a heavy sound. meh....maybe me.lol.

Crits here if ya like. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1516184
First off, funny how it's 4:20 long. I like how it starts, very sad beginning. The lead tone fits well with this. Actually the tone throughout this sounds very good what did you use for guitars? Around 1:48 is a very heavy transition. The atmosphere is pretty damn intense here, some very nice melodies are played on the guitar. Man, I love that lead tone. What inspired you to write this? The mix overall is OK, not bad at all. Dude, at around 3:25 that took me guard! Nice fills, nice brain boggling guitar riffs. I'd like to hear more of this on here... This is truly a great song. I wouldn't add vocals btw, your playing is fulfilling to my ears. Keep it instrumental, just my opinion. Also, I'm listening to your other work. Scavenger's Daughter is very very intriguing. Keep this style up.

I think its a very well written song 3:25 was pretty badass

The only thing it i think needs work is the drum track in the beginning slower parts. It sounds a bit repetitive and bland. Whenever there isnt a real heavy or intense riff, the drum track is very audible. Try putting in the tom fills and bells and such. I dont really know how to explain it but I think you get the picture.

C4C if you please. http://soundcloud.com/mrsanjaykumar/aurora-unit-central-dynamo-1