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9 6%
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3 2%
60 39%
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11 7%
26 17%
4 3%
Voters: 154.
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This thread actually poses two questions.

The first question being: Which of the seven deadly sins do you feel you most exhibit? This can also be answered in the poll.

The second question: Do you feel that these still hold grounds as being something to be looked down upon? Perhaps all, perhaps some, or perhaps none. There's no doubt that at least some of these still have a stigma attached to them, so there must have been a justification for it whether rendered irrelevant in this day and age or not.
Voted sloth. The ones I see as still being bad would be greed, wrath, and (ironically) sloth.
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Lust, pride or sloth. I can identify with all of them really, except greed and gluttony.
Should have made it a multiple choice poll.

I picked pride, but lust and sloth were close.

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I thought sloth would have the most but apparently people have too much pride to admit it.


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I voted sloth

As for the second part, I'd say greed and wrath looked down upon the most.
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Why isnt this an open poll.

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Sloth. Maybe pride, but I'm only proud of what I know I'm extremely good at, and it's less pride and more a matter of fact "I'm good at this" thing.
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No poll option for "all"?
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I voted sloth. I would have voted envy, but I think that's more a result of my current situation and not a general aspect of my character.
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Sloth, followed closely by lust.
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First Question: I would say greed since I want money but it tears my heart to spend it. Like seeing a little lamb brutally violated by a shepherd.

Second Question: Sloth and Wrath. Being Sloth means being unproductive and completely useless to society. Being so full of Wrath makes you a destructive asshole who no one should give a shit about.

Gluttony is one but I like big girls so ain't sayin nothin.
Wrath, sloth and greed.

I'm very much in control of my greed, though. Sloth, I've been improving with. Wrath has been increasing, though. I definitely have a temper, and I have sort of a vengeful personality.
no one is perfect and well all exhibit these sins at one point or another... im envious of people who are tall, people with photographic memories, people who are ambidextrous (sp?)... among other things... its just human nature... we all want what we cant have in some form or another
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In case you wang doodles didn't notice, I asked which one you most exhibited. That's why it wasn't a multi-choice poll. I probably should have made the results public though; I made it quite hastily.
1: Sloth, closely followed by lust
2: Moderation in everything. When they get out of control, they are bad for us, just like drug use and other things in life. At the same time, these 'sins' in moderation help us fit into 'western society'.

Wrath (standing up for yourself isn't a bad thing)
Envy (pushes you to be better)
Greed (pushes you to be better in our consumer society)
Sloth (Everyone needs rest and relaxation)
Pride (drives us to be better and feel good about ourselves, positive thinking)
Gluttony (We need to eat, and splurging once and a while isn't really bad)
Lust (passion is good, and lust is a part of that).
Envy: I see great people and strive to be like them.
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Oh man except for wrath/pride/envy I am so going to hell for all the other ones.

Greed: I hoard money
Sloth: I'm notorious for sleeping most of the day away and not doing much
Gluttony: I eat excessively when given the opportunity. Buffets are weary when I come in.
Lust: I just love eyecandies

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Sloth, and yes.

I'm not any more greedy than the average person.
I more or less have complete control over my lustful urges.
I've been eating like a mother****er the last few months, so i'm gluttonous.
I'm not overly prideful.
Envy is probably #3, but it's not very high.
Wrath, no.
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Wrath, sloth, and lust. Probably sloth the most.

I mean, just look at this motherfucker.

I think, deep down, we all wanna be a little slothy.


Oh hey there

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Hey guys could you spare a minute to Vote for my band. Go to the site Search our band Listana with CTRL+F for quick and vote Thank you .
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Less so now than a couple years ago, but Envy is the one I'm most guilty of.

And I don't think these are considered nearly as terrible now, in the world we live in, compared to back when they were first coined, but I'd say that each one is a lot more prevalent now than they were then, and that isn't very good.
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It's not so much sloth for me as really really liking to not do anything. This is usually followed by Jewish levels of guilt for not doing anything.

Other than sloth though I ain't too bad. Wrath is pretty bad too I guess, but I mostly bottle it up and just start twitching. Oh, and lust. Because... you know
Nope, I'm never mad

Maybe a little sometimes. I stopped giving a **** long time ago


lol yes

Not really...


lol obviously
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I'm one of the best embodiment's of sloth.

Apart from sloths, of course.
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To answer the first question, I'd have to go with lust. I can identify with all of them except envy really.

To answer the second, eh, whatever cranks your tractor as long it don't wreck mine.
I just can't be assed to vote. Someone hit "Sloth" for me.
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rarely, but when I do get mad I fly of the fucking handle.
no, not really.
I think everyone has this.
Of course.
I think my brain is fat. Seriously, I eat like every 2 hours.
Of course. But I don't exhibit it.

Voted Sloth.

Do I think that these should still be looked down upon? Greed, Wrath and Envy have pretty good reason to be looked down on.

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Of course UG's top 2 vices are laziness and sex obsession
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I'm too lazy to be angry or overtly horny.
But I guess based on the old testament anyone practicing per-marital sex (or any form of recreational sex at all) is performing the sin of lust so it's kind of hard to avoid that.
None of them are good when taken to the extreme. I don't see a problem with mildly exhibiting any of those characteristics though.
Sloth, envy and pride. I'm extremely stubborn and have a rather nasty habit of looking down upon people who I deem less intellect or with other opinions/ideas.

I'm extremely lazy when it comes to school work.

And I have a hard time in finding joy in other people's happiness, even my friends. I almost always feel as though their joy somehow is in a direct threat to my happiness/success.
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Gluttony and sloth.

Not necessarily bad qualities. It's not like my wife's head is going to end up in a box.
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