I've been trying to get better at Alt Picking solos, so I've been going through some Metallica songs. I've only been playing like this for around two months (And a year and a quarter in total), so please point out any silly mistakes with my technique so I can correct them before they get dug in! :P


Thanks guys
Nice cover there!

I would like to give some tips, although you might already know...
The most important thing to do when learning a song/solo (and guitar eventually) is to try and play every single note of it as clear as possible as you can and also making sure that you put in the correct dynamics in every note (slides, vibratos, bends). Timing is also a crucial factor as hitting notes in an off tempo way is really annoying for the listener (and you). It would be great playing along a metronome starting at low speeds trying to play it as perfect as you can and then slowly building up speed until you reach the desired one. Also try muting strings that you don't hit either with you right or your left hand so that you don't get feedback from their open ringing. Try practicing on a clean channel so that you hear all the notes correctly and then go to the overdriven. Don't forget to invest in theory... chords, scales, harmony etc.

Keep rocking! :-)