I have a 1979 Takamine EF340 that has some serious fret issues. It looks like from about frets 3-9ish are completely dead and need to be replaced. The rest of them don't look so bad. Right now the guitar buzzes a lot around those frets and on the higher strings sometimes doesn't fret properly. Should I refret it or just sell it? Are there other issues with old guitars like these that I should check out before considering refretting too? I figure I can get around $300 selling it but otherwise it sounds good and plays well to me. Based on some prices I've looked at, the refret would be about $275ish. It's my only acoustic so if I sold it I'd probably be buying an acoustic to replace it anyway.
I would look at other issues before contemplating an expensive re-fret job. Frets may become grooved, or start to raise...
If they are seated flush and not heavily grooved then likely neck-relief, or some other problem is to blame, and probably cheaper to fix.
No they're seriously dead, look like they've been filed so many times they just don't work anymore.