I was thinking about picking this head up and ordering that cab this week with my tax money. I just want a little input and know if anyone thinks that these two are a good match for playing metal music???
Orange - Brilliant
Line 6 - Not so much.
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What would you guys recommend for a head?

Search for the most expensive all tube head you can find and that's what you're going to get recommended. No love for solid state here. Especially Line 6.

It's cool to hate Line 6 by the way.
i suppose it depends on your budget. I play a Mesa/Boogie Mark V into an Orange closed back 2x12 and I wouldn't ever need anything louder unless i was playing arenas. I have no idea what kind of music you play, but I would suggest the norm.. Mesa/boogie, Orange, Egnater, Soldano, Engl, with Egnater typically being the cheapest of the brands.
Go for the Orange, if you ever want to do some amp modelling, the new POD series is fantastic, but the Line 6 amps can't quite pull it off.
I've never played it myself, but if you want some brand matching, I've heard the Orange Dark Terror sounds fantastic. It's not the most amazing Orange out there, but it's hard to beat for the price. Also, you probably don't need legitimately bigger than a 2x12 if you are like most of us. Then again I don't know.

Edit: For some hint of credibility, I own the Tiny Terror and adore its sound.
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if you can afford an orange cab... i would think you should get a slightly cheaper/used cab and go for teh t00bz
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Line 6 is fine.

Spider... No...
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Who... how....

Spider on an ORANGE cab??

I'm assuming by your sig you play metal? What's your budget? New or used? Gigging or bedroom?

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If you want to commit the highest degree of guitar gear blasphemy possible i'd recommend you DO go with the spider iv into the orange cab.
If you want a modeling amp, look into the Peavey Vypyr Tube series. You could get the tube 60 combo and run a 2x12 cab with as an extension cab. The Rectifier is VERY nice, depending on the type of metal you want to play. Plus the built in effects are decent/nice, depending on what you need them for. Otherwise, I'd answer the questions asked above and see what recommendations you get.