I believe this is in the right forum, as it is to do with recording

Basically, I'm looking at buying some recording gear
I've had logic for a bit of time, I know how to record etc.

I've only used my MacBooks microphone, which is built-in and crap

So essentially, I was wondering if anyone could recommend me a good CHEAP microphone
Cheap is of the essence here
Say £75 maximum
Also I was wondering if I could get a recommendation on an audio input box
(The kind where you plug a mic into, then put it into your mac, and then record through it etc.....just to explain, incase I called it the wrong thing)
This also has to be cheap and good, but since I don't know as much about these, I cannot really put a price range up....

Any other necessities to record with using a mic and audio box
I believe the only thing left is cable/s to hook up the mic and box
So finally, recommend me a good cheap cable

TL: DR....
Recommend me good CHEAP microphone, audio box and cable to connect the two...

The purpose of the microphone is to record....anything pretty much
From guitars to vocals