So I have a Squier bronco, and I am loving it. Currently it has a rail pickup dead center 10k ohms, and some cap and pot mods that is it.

I am about to add strings and set it up for bead tuning, and paint the headstock to match and add a white strap. The entire bass will be all black on white. The headstock will be black with a big block letter Bronco on it.

My future mod is more expensive, and will probably be divided into parts.

I want to add rail pickups to eventually give this bass a strat pickup layout with a jaugar switch plat for on-off on all three pickups.

I have limited funds so my question is, with a middle pickup already installed, what would you rather have and why? A bridge pickup @ 15k or a neck pickup @ 6.5k.

Also on a side note anyone ever considered adding a jazz archtop (attached to the neck) pickup to their bass?