Hello guys,

I need help!! Today i bought a new B.C Rich ASM pro from my local shop. It was half a price for it because the shop closed today so they wanted to sell everything. And when i came home i noticed this on neck.

Here you can see the problem. It's from 12th fret to 21st fret. So i want to ask is that a big problem or is it okey?
you tell us, does it affect the playability?
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Haven't played it so much but i don't think so. Gonna play a lot more with it tommorow so ill check it.
Other than being a little ugly, the fretboard is typically a fairly thin piece of wood. This should not effect playability. As long as the neck isn't effected, I'd say enjoy your 50% off guitar. If you really want to press the issue, I'd say contact BC Rich and see what they offer up. As long as the guitar came with a warranty, they might actually offer some help. Is it a set neck, or bolt on?

Edit: And this is why you always inspect your new axe before you walk up to the counter and pay for it. Inspecting the prospective guitar and finding ANY kind of damage is grounds for haggling over the price. Heck, I haggle even if it's in perfect condition.
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If it does, raise humidity (acoustic humidifier will help) then jam it full of a similar colored wood dust (spray paint if ness.) and super glue over it. A light sanding and your set.
Yes guitar is with warranty, but i bought guitar in Norway so can i contact BC rich? and the neck is bolt on. StoneColdCrazy, if i don't get any help from BC rich i'll try it.
How the hell did you miss that in the store?

Its like taking a girl home and then realizing she has a bigger penis than you......it's something you shoulda checked out.
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My sister bought it for me because i was at school. I played it before are the shop but didn't notice this so i guess they had 2 same guitars, and she took this one.