So if you happened to read my advice thread, I was a bit unsure of what I wanted in an acoustic guitar. Having mainly dabbled and researched on the dark art of electric guitar my woeful ignorance of acoustic matters was pretty shocking.

Armed with little knowledge, knowing only that when I found the right one it would be 'the one', I tried out as many guitars from different price ranges as I could.

Initially looking at all-hog Martins (mainly cos I think they look and sound cool), loving jumbo Gibsons and concert Martins, I eventually realised that what I wanted was a Martin D-28. I loved that and the Gibson Hummingbird but I was lucky when a used Martin D-28 came in. I liked it, and was about to pull the trigger when I found this...

Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Studio EC

As soon as I played this guitar it felt right; I had that innate that feeling that this was the one. Perfectly balanced, just like the Gibson Hummingbird IMO, and not quite as bassy as the D-28. I feel that notes ring a little clearer on this guitar and are a little more articulate than the Martin. It's great for strumming work which I mainly do and also fingerpicking which I want to get into more. For single note passages the notes ring true and clear.

Then to top it off the fit and finish on this thing is mint. The binding is lovely and well done, I like the gloss neck which isn't too narrow, and the thing just looks immaculate. A real nice piece of kit.

The ebony on the fingerboard looks and feels great. Really tight grain and comfortable under my fingertips. The setup on this thing is good as well. Is very easy to play and very comfortable all the way down the neck. The cutaway helps as well for some fiddly higher-frets work.

Haven't given the electronics a full working over but to be honest these are just a bonus for me rather than an essential. I love recording an acoustic with a microphone in front.

For the price (fractionally more than the used Martin D-28) this was a no brainer. I found a lot of guitars in the £1000 range to be a bit average. There were others around or just below this price-point which I thought were great bang for your buck (Larrivee) but none hit the spot like this. I did like the Hummingbird and the Gibson Jumbos but these were definitely too much.

I look forward to writing songs on this beauty of a guitar.

PS. Apologies for the very average pics. Too cold and dark to go outside and take them and I haven't fully got to grips with using my father's camera yet.
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Awesome, happy NGD. I played one of those in long & mcquades the other day, they sound beautiful.
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nice find ! you wouldn't wanna trade it for a well used alvarez, a '76 ford pinto and a mostly full box of ice cream sandwiches? i love gibby's
congrats - enjoy playing it
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I have the same guitar! congrats... its one of the best sounding guitars ive ever owned... you'll love it