hey guys i was wondering if i did something wrong. basically i have a basic, no name pickup that's going into a guitar with one volume. I managed to get a new volume pot to brighten the sound and wired it up and everything.

my problem is the wiring, the humbucker comes with two wires. I followed the SD wiring diagram, which had 4 wires per pickup and I soldered the ground on top with the input jack in the middle terminal. I'm wondering if i wired the pickup wrong because all that comes out of the amp is a buzzing sound every time i touch something metallic. there was a white wire that i soldered on the top of the pot and the other wire which i soldered on the first terminal.

please help!
Quote by inkandlead
Did you remember to connect the ground on the input jack?

I'm totally new at this so please forgive my noobishness. There seemed to be only one ground wire on the guitar and the input has only one wire as well. The pickup has two wires though, I'm guessing the lead and the pickup ground. How would my wiring need to be?
The guitar is just pickup->volume->jack, right?
Here's what you want:
Pickup hot goes on the left lug of the pot. Middle goes to the tip lug of the input.
ALL GROUNDS go to the back of the pot. There will be one from your pickup, one from your jack, and one from your bridge.
You also want to attach the third lug of the pot to ground as well. You can either bend it back and solder or run a little wire.
thanks inkandlead for your advice! however i have another problem! (it's my n00bness)

i get a really harsh hum while touching the strings, yet it goes away when i touch the supposed ground of the input jack or anything metallic in my chain/guitar. the soldering is decent, though i believe that certain ground wire needs to be insulated. also, 0 on my volume pot doesn't mute the guitar and just dulls the sound a bit. what do i do??
A lot of guitar will always have a bit of hum. It could be that you have reversed the hot and the ground somewhere. This usually happens at the jack for most inexperienced builders. So you may have to reverse those wires.
As far as the pot not completely muting the volume I'm not entirely sure. Look at this first picture under 'potentiometers'. Did you remember to round the last lug?