Hi guys!

This is going to be kind of specific, but does anyone know of any quality guitar shops in the southeastern Michigan area?

There are several "Guitar Center" stores around here, but I've already ready all kinds of mixed feelings posted around the internet.

I did a drive last weekend and hit 3 independent shops that I was really not impressed with. It's a real crapshoot when you don't have someone to talk to about it or recommend a place.

Anyone know of any specifics, or, a good method for finding a place?


--- Adding a note after the fact... if you have online shop recommendations, feel free to mention those too, simply because there's probably worth knowing. My stuff I got from Musciansfriend in the past, but I'm hearing there are other good ones out there.
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You have the elitists here that will tell you to stay away from "the big chains". My advise to you is to not be a part of that bandwagon and go anyways, you might find something you really like.
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I've definitely gone there, too. Tried out some stuff.
I just want to keep my options open.

Especially in terms of setup, service, and repair.
I don't know your area, but I've been to dozens of GCs- they vary from place to place & sales associate to sales associate.

While I prefer mom & pop shops, i have found it is possible to get good deals there, but like anywhere else, it's best to do your homework BEFORE going in.
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The Guitar Center in my area is actually a really nice place to go. They've got a great selection, and the employees are friendly. We've also got 2 smaller shops around here, but neither has a decent inventory and one of them has horrid customer service. Its just a matter of trying places out. Give GC a shot, and if they're jerks, then screw em.
go, if you find something you want, go for it. if not check out the small stores.

I usually give them my business because they're family owned around here and I know a lot of the people. And the GC's around here are full of pretentious people.
I am actually going to a Guitar Center over in Louisville, Ky tomorrow. There are several small music centers in my area, and some are ran by douches, and others are more customer friendly. Just give it a go and see how the experience treats you. Best of luck.
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