This is a very short piece (2min). I'm considering the option of turning it into a multi-part epic, hence the modulation at the end (I have a really cool WIP in C#min that might work). A little bit about the piece:

I was researching various courses I had the option of studying at University (All Maths/Physics areas) and the first that struck a chord with me was Bifurcation and Chaos. Bifurcation by itself means to divide into two branches. This influence is rather subtle but Chaos is quite prevalent. Chaos theory is sensitive to the initial conditions (This climax in this piece is dependant on the initial theme) and a dynamic/chaotic system is unpredictable (Such as weather) which is what I hope listeners will agree with given the abstract tonality (At least by my standards) in the piece.

I hope you all enjoy, this one is probably my favourite piece I've written.

C4C of course!
Bifurcation and Chaos.gp4
Bifurcation and Chaos.gp5
Bifurcation and Chaos.mid
You spelled favorite wrong.

I'm not quite sure I see any impressionism in the piece, so just saying.

Was a cool piece, although for some reason I'm finding harmonized lead work to be too shrill at points, probably because the frequencies are already so fast that any inconsistency between parts, ie harmony, is amplified.

Dunno, I gotta get to sleep, but I liked the piece.
Intro is very cool, nice use of dissonance, interesting rhythms, although it stops and enters the quieter section a little abruptly. Leads over this section (bar 41 onwards) are very nice as well. Nice interplay between the two lead guitars. So overall, that was excellent. It was pretty short though, so I'd go with tuning it into a multi-part epic
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You spelled favorite wrong.

Actually, in Canada, it's spelled "favourite" just as color is spelled "colour". Don't ask me why we do it differently, we just do.