Hello everyone, we (Embracing Abomination) recently finished up our first EP, titled "I (i)" and are wanting to get some feedback on it. It was recorded in our basement using Pro-Tools and an M-Box 2. We also used Guitar Rig and Superior Drummer. We're extremely happy with the way it turned out, but of course it's not our opinion that matters, haha.

What do YOU think of it? Is the quality any good? Should we just quit now? Is it awesome?

You can stream our EP below at:
Embracing Abomination Music
sounds good
i like your vocalist, and the guitar tracks are nice as well.
whoever did the mixing did an awesome job. what presets and such did you use for guitar rig?
nicely mixed......(and thats an understatement). although i'm into lots of heavy stuff, i dunno why, but i wasn't at all blown away by the heavy track{track 3}(but that is a probably a combination of hearing a lot of bands in my area all doin that sort of stuff, and also its place inbetween the other tracks).......
which leads me on to the other tracks-and i must say.....i was VERY impressed by that. don't hear many bands do that sort of stuff. its melodic, but not just acoustic chordy stuff, and its deep, without being depressing to listen too. i would happily listen to more tracks in that style anyday . your singer has a good voice. the guitar sits nicely in the mix and has a nice tone to it that contributes to the overall song in a very effective way.

well done.