This is just a laid back, mellow little tune I wrote. And me being me, I couldn't make it a happy one, but I tried to throw in a bit of humor. It's just the first draft, so constructive (!) crits are encouraged. Per usual, crit4crit.

The old sad clown hasn’t found his jokes funny in a long, long time
But after all he’s been through he figures maybe that’s a punishment that fits the crime
The sad old clown lives his life beneath the shadow of a circus tent
He has to buy new floppy shoes, every week or two and all his money’s spent

The old sad clown says he’ll never ever disappoint a crowd
He juggles and he dances ‘til he makes them cheer and laugh out loud
Some think that he’s just tired of the tumblers and the elephants looking down
But he don’t pay them no mind, no none of that’s what gets to our sad old clown

And he knows that he’s too old for a dreams phase
And no one listens to the marches that the band plays
And if the old sad clown had it his way
He’d take his make-up off and pack his suitcase

Any drive to work is a long, long way in such a tiny car
And pigeons on your person can still get spooked no matter where they are
When you think your thoughts mean nothing if they aren’t coming with a joke attached
You won’t get satisfaction from driving through a flaming hoop without a scratch


He can’t believe he missed the punch-line for so long
And he knows he’s only just as strong
As the rope between his sleeves is long
And now the band is striking up another song
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