Hi guys!

I've just received my Washburn X12 but two strings are buzzing on frets 1 and 2. I've read that I need to regulate my fretboard first, but since I am green, I don't know how to regulate it.

Here are two pictures of where I think the regulation point is.



If the regulation point is on the first screen, what I should use to put in there and regulate the fretboard?

Thanks for any answers!
ok, what you're talking about is adjusting the truss rod - DON'T do that yourself if you're inexperienced.

The thing in the second picture is the strap button, it's where the strap attaches. The first one is your truss rod adustment. However it might not even be the truss rod, it may simply be a fret that needs crowning
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Can I do crowning myself or do I have to give it to someone that does know how to do that?
you need a pro. You can do it your self, but the tools required will be more expensive than paying a pro to do it right.
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I will try truss rod adjustment anyway.
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I will try truss rod adjustment anyway.

wouldn't do it if I were you. unless you know what you're doing, and that includes diagnosing the problem in the first place, messing with the truss rod is an invitation to screwing up your guitar. alot.

just pay somebody to do it properly. if you absolutely must do it yourself, make sure to read the sticky at the top of this forum as it explains the process quite well.
Don't go cranking around on stuff if you don't know what you're doing. You first need to determine what the problem is. Could be a low nut, high or low frets, too low action, neck relief.... There isn't a magic button to just crank on to fix a buzz.

The good news is that it really isn't that complicated or hard, and there are a lot of on-line resources that can help you through the process (if you are reasonably mechanically inclined). Google guitar setup or adjustment.
I was in a guitar shop years ago and a guy walked in with a case and asked if their tech could repair his guitar. He admitted to making an adjustment to the truss rod himself and thought he may have done (I paraphrase) "a little more bad than good..." Considering the rod was poking through the fret board it would seem something of an understatement...
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OK, my friend advised me to check the string height and it seems there is a problem. But hell, what kind of bridge is mine - I don't know o_O. I need to find a tool that I could use to adjust string height on this bridge. Why didn't I choose less complicated guitar .. X__X

see where the strings enter the bridge? Well those are saddles, Loosen the two screws on top of the saddle to raise string height at the bridge for that string. Its most likely a hex tool.
Mate, take it to someone who knows wtf they are doing before you **** it up completely