Sup everybody,

I've been playing guitar for a while and noticed that when i change chords, my fingers kind of do pull offs when they leave the strings. this really annoys me so i was wondering does anyone know how i can overcome this problem?

It seems the faster i change, the louder the pulloffs. Like most of us here, i'm self taught, so i was wondering if there was some sort of technique to changing chords that i'm meant to learn to fix my problem.

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I used to have exactly the same problem when I was starting with guitar. I was playing my sisters crappy classical guitar. It was driving me nuts, but after a while I've managed to ignore the excess sound. Later, when I bought an electric, I have realised that I dont hear it anymore. So conclusion may be that it was because of guitar, or problem was solved after some time spent practicing.
I could see this happening with nylon strings easier because the strings can bend easier. I would bet you need to practice taking your fingers straight off the fretboard and then putting them down at the same time on the next chord. It sounds to me like you are thinking of where they will go next. Almost like slipping at the starting line when running. They need to go just slightly up in the air and change shape in mid air
Never had that problem really, but I've strangely heard of people having that problem playing on some crappy guitars. Maybe it's time for a new 6-stringed friend?
no, the problem is definitely me, ive played a few expensive guitars at a guitar shop before, and same thing happened. and this also happens on my electric.
You aren't lifting straight up when you change, you are pulling down on the strings. Its a technique issue. Slow it down and work it out.
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Sounds like an issue to be fixed with practice. Muting the strings may help, too.