Hey guys, just to get a bit of an attempt to get a general consensus really, I have 3 new pedals on the way which should be finished in a week or so which are at the moment just things I have been building for myself, but I'm wondering, are they something that you would like to see available?

The first, the Solar Lifeforce is a LDR (light dependant resistor) volume/CV pedal. It uses an LDR to control the guitars volume, so by covering it up the volume dips, and by uncovering it ir rises it again. This can also be used as an expression/CV pedal. The 'Solar Range' control basically controls the range between light and dark, so at half way there is half the change in volume/cv out than at full tilt etc. There is a switchable buffer that reamains on when the pedal is bypassed, and it has a gain of upto around x5, so it can boost the volume quite a bit. This is really to compensate for less favourable light conditions to some degree, but could be useful in it's own right. It is a strange pedal anyway, more of a toy than a live effect!

Here's the graphics

The next is Divide By Zero which is a blendable looper/feedback loop. The reason this is cool is it actually allows the feedback to be blended with the dry signal rather than just being in your face dominating. I'm keen to get some droning hideous noise in there to add texture to my distortions! It is active rather than some of the cheaper passive ones available, using TL072 op-amps for the blending and the buffering of the input, output send and return.

Lastly is just a simple TL072 op-amp based buffer, has no place on most pedal boards, but invaluable for those that are large, entirely true bypass, and not always using a pedal (hmm much like mine then, well some of the time!) Anyway, I have named it 072 after the op-amp inside it.

Anyway if people are liking them maybe I'll make some more to add to my ETSY shop with the others I have available, if not maybe not. It's always just good to get an opinion from other builders/players, so any feedback is much appreciated!

If you like what you see and want to see more check out my site!
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Thanks, man you get around, didn't I have a pedal off you a while back? The blendable feedback loop is all up and running, I have it on a board waiting to go in the enclosure. I had a Catalinbread Heliotrope droning followed by a Malekko Phase doing some crazy whining, all blended behind a Railhead TUA, sounds pretty hideous/fricking amazing! Pretty excited to finish it off and get some videos up!
the LDR thingy is quite an awesome idea, but what about dark stages?
Haha thanks Gordon, that is one soltution! To be honest though I'm not sure it would be ideal for a stage, it started from a pedal I made called Barefoot that was pretty similar, and I just made that for a mess around. When I got around to using it I found it was actually quite good fun, so decided to make this pedal. I'm not sure if I'm going to make any to sell, but it really won't be be fantastic for dark stages. What it could be good for is dark stages with strobe lights etc, as your volume would dip and rise in time. I have had best results in moderate room light, probably a bit darker than most with the range on half to 3/4s getting like a fluttery effect when you move you foot fast back over it, which is unique sounding.
I really like the "**** impedance". Made me laugh to think that someone else hates it as much as me
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I really like the "**** impedance"

Haha yeah, I wasn't sure if I should leave it on, but I figured most people that would want to buy a buffer would feel pretty similar so I left it on! Painting the enclosures tonight, so should have pics and vids (maybe not for the buffer!) up pretty soon!
Quote by Speckled_Hen
I really like the "**** impedance". Made me laugh to think that someone else hates it as much as me

+1 lol

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haha man, you need to use spell check
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"Show me war; show me pestilence; show me the blood-red hands of retribution..."
Well, that's the thing mate, I think I did! I wasn't sure how to spell it so I pulled up an article from the internet about buffers I had bookmarked, and I took the spelling from there! I should have pretended that it is how we spell impedance over here in the UK, like the whole colour/color thing!

You got any cool builds on the go at the moment?

By the way, this pedal is up on ETSY if anyone want's it, or you can PM me to talk turkey.
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Nuns in Poses MkII (that's my box of rock based distortion) will be coming together soon - need to buy some new soldering tips and the spray paint for the box, hoping to get the board populated and the box sprayed white over the weekend, got to get the decal printed out at my mothers house cause my printer is out of magenta toner and the graphics are black and red. Will clear it beginning of next week and get the effect tested should be done by a week on Friday

I'll pop up a build thread when I get started
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Sounds awesome Gordon. Great name for the pedal by the way. I seem to spend my life buying spray paints, they add up dont they! Do you get frustrated by how long it takes to get your enclosure ready? I love the spraying, decal-ing etc, but I get pretty impatient waiting for it if it's a new design I'm itching to test!

Send me a link to the thread when it's up, it will be great to see!

I don't go as in depth with the decoration as you do, as a result they look less than half as cool. But I've trained myself to be patient with all my projects, impatience breeds mistakes (mr. impeadance).

It will take me 3 days to do a box, at maybe a total of 4 hours a day.

Day 1: Primer if needed. Color Coat every 30 mins until solid.
Day 2: Apply waterslide decal.
Day 3: Satin clear coat every 30mins for a fair number of coats, sand down with 600grit and buff up with a buffing wheel.
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Patience is without a doubt the key. So many times I have accidentally touched an enclosure with the underside of my hand when I have been moving others into my spraying area and had to sand the coat down and respray. Nightmare. Also doing that one extra pass of the spray will cause those annoying runs.

My method is about this:
Day 1 - Mark and drill enclosre. Sand with 100 grit or so. Prime
Day 2 - Do 4 or 5 coats of the base colour
Day 3 - Do the gradient colour as needed
Day 4 - Do decal
Day 5 - Lacquer with clear car lacquer.

I tend to wait 15 minutes between coats, but my coats are generally very thinly applied. There is a tiny run on 'The Thing That Ate James' by the power socket, but it is pretty irrelevant. To start with I got pretty het up when things don't go perfectly with a pedal, but I figure it is DIY afterall lol! I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so as long as I'm happy I can almost guarantee whoever ends up with the pedal will be.

That nun is really, really good. Your lucky to have a wife who can design stuff like that, it's going to be a great looking pedal.
Just a quick update for finality really, finished the other 2 pedals so I'll post pics.

Here's Divide By Zero the blendable feedback loop:

And here's a demo I uploaded to youtube using a Malekko Phase and a Catalinbread Heliotrope in the loop. The 'Entropy' control doesn't do much for these pedals, some it does effect but mostly it is minimal.

It has questionable use during feedback mode as a blender, it is nice that you can blend the feedback in with the dry signal well, but not essential (as you can tell from the bits where I play as well as the feedback!), but it does help the pedal double as a blendable true bypass looper.

And here's the Solar Lifeforce. I'm not quite so happy with this one. To be honest as a pedal it is a bit silly, but I quite enjoy using it. The CV mode is playing up a bit, I'll debug it this week. I'll get a video of it in action up soon.

Anyway, that's that lot done. They will probably end up burried in the depths of my wardrobe for the rest of time, but it was fun experimenting! Next up I'm going to try some fuzzes, distortions and overdrives and see where things go from there.
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Here's a quick demo of the Solar Lifeforce in some pretty awful conditions. The lights were so low that I had to use YouTube's light enhancement +4 to make everything visible. The LED is actually purple. In better light conditions this pedal behaves much better, but obviously good light conditions aren't something a playing musician can guarantee. Because the pedal is propped up rather than laying flat the LDR is always in partial shade, so again, conditions weren't optimal.

SLF Demo