Please help me choose between Roland CUBE-15XL, Line 6 Spider IV 15, Orange Crush PiX Series CR12L, or any good amps close to $100 or less.

What I want:
- A loud amp for rehearsals.
- Works well with a distortion and reverb pedal without sounding like crap.
- Not too expensive.

*built in effects (like distortion, tremolo, phazer, reverb) are not important since i have my own effects pedals.
*It will be used for medium sized rooms. Or for a backyard gig.

Please help a noob. ^_^
Quote by WtrPlyr
Is that rehearsel with a band/drummer? If so, a 15w SS amp isn't gonna cut it.

Look for something with at least 30 watts, with that kind of budget you'll have to go used I think.

Yep. I used to have a 15w solid state and thought it went pretty damn loud when playing at home alone. Once you get a drummer involved though you aint gonna hear it, seriously.

My 5w tube amp i have now is loud enough to cope but even then it needs to be on 8 or 9 to be heard.

I'd try looking at some 40-50w amps if youre going solid state and at least 5w if you wanna get a tube amp
Honestly you get what you pay for. The chances of you finding something thats loud enough to gig with, and doesnt sound like crap for under $100 are pretty slim. Do yourself a favor, save a little longer and get something decent.
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Raise your budget $60, and get this: http://www.guitarcenter.com/In-Store-Used-USED-FENDER-ROC-PRO-700-106634795-i1996355.gc?&source=4WFRWXX&CAWELAID=917644677

You may have to replace the worn Ecc83 tube if you get it, but for the price it's a great deal, has excellent cleans and enough gain for most metal. It's not the greatest sounding amp in the world but it's one of the best I can recommend for a loud practice amp.