Hey, here are a couple riffs I recorded at home, in the software Mixcraft 5^^
Guitar: Ibanez RG5EX1, into my Line 6 Pod UX2
Bass: Peavey bass (not sure what model), into UX2
Drums: Toontrack EzDrummer

New Riff 6

New Riff 7

What do you guys think? =)
Thanks for critic to my topic !

I liked them both. Riff 6 got some damn catcy thing and i enjoy those sounds. Ezdrummer sounded Mixing was overall good. That riff 7 was nice, liked that arpeggio thing beginning. You have some nice potential stuff !
Both riffs are good, though I prefer the first one, it has some American feeling, also your sound is really good, but once again I like sound of the first riff more. Production of both samples is decent (btw. I'd like to hear them as whole songs, so I hope you'll turn them into something more). As for the drums It's obviously EzDrummer, so I guess, you regret just like me, that you have to use in your songs some software, instead of real drums. Nonetheless they are solid like like your song ideas. Overall I like your riffs, so keep up the good work.

First one is well produced and mixed, though alittle short.
The second one though short again was more my thing though oved the feel of it.
All in al solid work i enjoyed both but the second on more so. =D
Pretty awesome stuff, riff 6 is really cool. The guitars sound great, the drums sound great. The riffs are pretty thought out and not boring. Overall pretty sweet stuff you got there, now make some songs! And thanks for the crit