Just looking for some members for my band in the Tacoma, Washington area.

Need 2 guitarists (must either have a black guitar or be willing and ready to buy a black cover for your current guitar).

Need a lead singer (1 boy and 1 girl). Need a keyboardist.

Singers have a higher chance if they can rap as well.

Guitarists have a better chance if they are dedicated, and willing to jump into any situation at a moments notice.

Keyboardists have a better chance if they know all of the chords and rhythms.

the theme for the band is all black clothes and instruments, so you need either an all- black instrument or an all- black cover for your instrument.

i plan to send the band to the Ted Brown Music Outreach summer program Live It Out Loud, and i would like to also tell you that this summer program does have a $200 fee, but you can apply for a scholarship to get in for free.

The name of the band has been decided. We will be called "silhouette."

Just post on here if you live in tacoma washington and are under 18. sorry but to do the summer program, all members must be under 18 and be enrolled in school. sorry, theyre not my rules, and i am making it an expectation to be ready to go to this very important competition.

the winning band in the contest (the band that has the most fun with their music, and creates the most exciting original songs- we are required to have 2 original songs and 1 cover song to compete at temple theater- that is the band that wins. i did this competition last year and my band scored highest for the songs, but we didnt jump around, run off stage into the audience, so we got 3rd place. ). anyway the winning band gets instruments, wireless connectors for the guitars, drumsticks, and the most time in a recording session, making our own CD.

we will be doing Saliva's "Ladies and Gentlemen" as a cover song.

I plan to win this thing this year, i was kicked from my last band by my guitarist over a girl, and i plan to prove how big a mistake he made, but i need YOUR HELP.

reply to this message or email me at power1296@yahoo.com to try out.