will C4C. we are a Rock band (find it difficult to specify exact genre), lost our singer recently, and our rhythm guitarist took over vocal duties. been trying lots of different genres and styles to see what fits best with new singer's vocal range, and decided to record a few songs ourselves so we could hear what stuff sounds like from an audience's perspective.

here's a couple of the songs, which we recorded in the same session. we know they're far from perfect as they were recorded by us and were pretty much two take.

With the 1st song we tried to write a song in 6/8 timing- it came off unintentionally in the style of Muse. second song's solo had problems with microphone, and this take of the solo was the only one audible (i tried lots of different ideas....this was my least favourite one both in terms of playing and writing quality but unfortunately due to technical problems....you get the idea)

will happily C4C
give us your opinions (good AND bad)
cheers, have a listen


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The first one is very muse mate but works well.
timin was getting lost to start with but gets but back in quick, how you guys recording cause it sounds pretty good for live demo stuff?

Nice intro on the second one, again i hear the muse inspiration.
nice piano break ,solo just kicked in... the tone is a bit weak or is it the mix...oh shit yeah mic forget that.

I think you guys are a good band and there is somethng dark in a good way in your style.
just timing and mixing but they are little things realy ain't it.
listened to tranquility, liked it. Like your sound, i feel like the distortion on the rhythm could be heavier, might give it a fuller sound. Liked the solo too.

First off I like the voice. Dylan esque. Some of the guitar parts are weak, in the sense the picking could have been more direct. I like the build up to the electric part. Vocal wise it sounds like it could use some layering or some reverb, idk, it sounds thin during the heavy parts.

The solo is nice. Its got great build up.

The ending is muddy sounding to me.
Nice intro, guitar sounds a little thin, bass sounds great!
Your voice sounds good, could use a little power sometimes.
Im not crazy about the drums, but thats not easy to record, Timing feels a little off around 01:38 , which makes it lose a little power, but the song itself feels good, nice writing
02:32 good part, it definatly has that muse vibe, nice tapping, cool part afterwards, some well chosen chord changes!
Overall, great effort guys! If the recording was better, id would be an awesome song, now it suffers a little under the mix, but whats inside sounds great !

Thanks for the c4c!
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Listened to Hell On Earth.

I liked the piano chord progression in the intro and the vocal melodies are pretty good, in general too. I liked how it built up with the guitars and how it gets darker. I just like the chord sequences and the vocal melodies are catchy. Sometimes I thought the singing sounded very slightly off, like around 3:06, I'm being very picky though. The piano solo kinda bit at 3:45 onwards is real nice, I'm a sucker for pianos in rock/metal. One thing I'd suggest for the final 'chorus' is to vary the vocal melody more, it almost begins to sound a bit annoying with the slidy nature of the melody. The outro is good though.

The mix is not bad, pretty good in general, guitars could do with some work but for what it is it's fine.

Nice job overall, I liked it.

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