Hey, so I had this idea about adding an extra fret to the guitar. But the catch is: I wanna add a fret not AFTER the 24th [or 22nd, depending on the guitar in queston] rather one BEFORE the 1st......if you get what I mean. Don't ask me why. I'm really high these days or maybe its sort of a counter-intuitive response to seeing MAB playing 24+ fret guitars :P That or I'm just plain crazy

So, say I tune to Eb. My open 6th string would (clearly) be an Eb. Now the fret right after that (let's call it "fret 0") would be an E. The inlays on all the frets would be the same as usual (y'know.... 3, 5, 7, 9, etc). The 12th and 24th should be an E.

Now I realize all this could just be bypassed and fixed by, say, using a longer (or shorter?) scale length so that when I tune to Eb, when I eventually reach the 24th and 12th frets, I've got E's and NOT Eb's.

So, what say? Think it can be done?