Hey guys, I wanted to ask, did Gary Moore know theory and harmony ? By his songs I think he did.

Also I started learning music theory 3 months ago, I know my scales and intervals so far... Major and Minor scales in 12 keys... Havent touched harmonic and melodic minor yet... I wanted to know more about Gary's style. Listening to him makes me go to another dimension. And I as more of hard rock and metal player don't really play a lot of blues, but I want to learn more about his style of playing, what scales, chords he uses at what times and phrasing. His phrasing was so amazing !

Thanks in advance guys !
Well a good start would be learning his songs! Get the Still Got the Blues album, it's fantastic. He used a lot of hyper speed pentatonics if that helps at all, and he pinched harmonic'd a lot.
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You're 100% right about him having amazing phrasing! Actually the pentatonic and natural major & minor scales will take you pretty far. I suggest you work on something like Still Got The Blues (the song) for a start. It's a classic tune

Also go on Youtube, search for 'blues backing track', pick some random result and go at it, while trying to communicate Gary style ideas
Well when I started analizing the loner by Gary, i found out he used a lot of thirds in it to make such emotional songs... So does anyone know which interval makes certain feeling, you know what I mean ?

Thanks guys, I'll actually try to add this into bands setlist, no better way to learn it than to be pressured to score it perfectly !