So I got a pathfinder 15r recently for home use. Couldn't be happier with it, but there's one little niggle..

If I plug anything into the headphone socket that isn't a pair of headphones with the right connection, I don't get any sound. I can't use it as a line-out, for instance. That's fine, because about an inch away there is a line-out, so no problem. One thing I do have a problem with is that my favourite pair of headphones is a mini-jack, and for reasons I do not quite comprehend, if I use a mini-to-jack converter to make it fit, it doesn't work.

I use the same method on my keyboard for headphone purposes. Is there a reason for this? Is it common with headphone-outs on amps?
is it a mono or stereo converter

ie, does it have one or two black bands at the end
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Quote by darkwolf291
Mono works with my amp, but only the right side works.

well it depends on what your definition of working is... but yes normally only one channel will work, I would still suggest he uses a stereo jack to be sure though
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as dark wolf said, usually you would just get it out of one side of the headphones, but yes i would definitely suggest u try a stereo jack if you've got one lying around as it could be the problem
to be honest it kind of has to be the problem if headphones with the right jacks work with the same socket