i'm after a new set of speakers for an unloaded orange 4x12 i acquired! I already have 2 cabs with V30s in. I'm looking for something with a similar sound, but less the price tag! Any suggestions? I don't mind paying, but if i can find a cheaper alternative then i'd rather!
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Avatarspeakers.com have some hellatone 60's they are just broken in v30s. Might be a bit cheaper.
honestly none of those are likely to be any cheaper in the UK than celestions, and in some cases (weber) are likely to be a lot dearer

tayden maybe? not a whole heap cheaper but at least it'd be something a little different. and made in the UK. haven't tried them, though.

blue aran has some deals on selected eminence models at the moment, but i'm not sure if they have them on anything v30-ish. though the going rate on a governor is around £50 anyway, so it might be worth a try.

also might be worth considering combining speakers, since you're starting from scratch. not much point in going with what's readily available loaded off the shelf when you can get something a bit more unique.
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They really aren't. If you want cheap celestion clones check out http://wgs4.com/ Warehouse speakers.

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