So to build up speed I practiced with the chromatic scale. I have built up decent speed (about 140 bpm when I play 4 notes every beat). My fingers have built up speed but how do I put this speed in more different patterns. In a average solo its helped me but with other solos where there are different fingerings and big streches i seem to slow down. So the question is what do I need to practice so I can become fast in those solos with big streches and different fingerings.
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Im not sure if serious or troll but anyways, practice the patterns you are having problems with.

Yeah, like tappooh says, practice the licks/scales/patterns you have trouble with. If you only practice the chromatic scale, you'll only get good at playing the chromatic scales. There's no easy fix.
practicing chromatics is good,
another way to practice speed and the same time accuracy is practicing 3 notes per string scale patterns, it could be from any scale that you want.

what I do usually is I create patterns and I practice it everytime, slowly graduating speed, and then from time to time I try to skip strings along the way to really practice my accuracy.

it also helps if you try to practice it using the whole fretboard not just in a "box" if you know what I mean.

metronome is very much needed in training your speed and accuracy.
Chromatics are good to an extent... they'll build strength and speed and independence... but they're not musical.... you should break the solos up and take it a bar at a time and practice them the same way you practiced the chromatics..... eventually you can join it all up and try the whole solo. Don't tackle the whole solo at once, that's too much information. Hope this helps.
Practice things to apply

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