I wrote this song about a year ago or so, but never had the opportunity to record it like I wanted to. It is inspired heavily by the movie The Fountain, the music of Clint Mansell, and a variety of post-rock and folk acts. I plan to put this on an album or EP of some sort down the road, but who knows. Any feedback is welcome!
Intro's cool, like that. Guitar could do with a bit more clarity I think.

Acoustic guitar is recorded really nicely and I love how it intertwines with the sparse electric bits. Really dig that in fact. Possibly would be interesting to hear a bit more electric stuff.

Vocals, liking as well. Think I can hear some falsetto harmonies in the back but they're a bit weak. Would sound great a little louder.

Keys work great in the middle 8th, again I think the guitar tone could do with a little more clarity.

Not sure I like the guitar tone in the end passage. Sounds a bit too metal > alternative/ambient growl. Though the keys sound fantastic and work really well for the song.

Very impressed. I enjoyed listening to that a lot. Btw Clint Mansell kicks ass. Love his work on The Fountain.

(c4c if you want https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1481695)
yeah the acoustic guitar is lovely, great choice of notes, very "spacey" & "proggy"

im hearing some real 70's prog influences here - dont know who your influences are but seems to come from that genre!

good stuff when the heavy distortion comes in I really like the key work underneath the powerchords