Ok so Im new to this, but I have a question. I recently got an Epiphone Les Paul Traditional Pro made of Korina, and I love it. However, I really love The Strokes and write alot of stuff that's aimed to sound like them, and i was wondering if replacing those Alnico Classic Humbuckers with Gibson P-94s would be a smart move because Nick Valensi uses them in his Riviera. I know it's not exactly the same thing, but would they give me more of a vintage sound like what I want? Is it worth it?
It would make it sound like a Les Paul with P90s. Not exactly like P90s since the size is different so there are probably valid arguments to be made about tone.
As far as Nick Valensi's tone, it will bring you closer though he uses a semi-hollow.
Also note two things:
They're single coils so the will hum
I've spent years trying to get the sound from 12:51 and I still can't do it.