Just got an ESP Eclipse II in vintage black (japan not LTD) for a steel. It is used, Serial number indicates it was manufactured in 2005 and ESP verified, along with its good serial. What things should I look out for (bought it via craigslist) I know the obvious cracks and things like that, In the picture it looks almost untouched they were high quality pics but for the price it was at I took the risk. Owner said there is nothing wrong at all with it. talked alot about it seems good. The guitar will be arriving by fed ex Saturday.
nice pickup. i have one in the same colour, and its the best guitar i've ever had.

check for any visible cracks, particularly on joints (neck to body, neck to headstock). check all the pots, making sure that they are smooth and free of noise (noise could indicate that they need cleaning). check to make sure the pickup selector switch feels precise, not sloppy and loose. finally, check the tuners to make sure that they feel even and smooth.

they're fairly simple guitars, especially if it doesn't have an fr trem, so if nothing looks out of place, its probably good to go