I'm trying to cover a song and one of the notes is just a bit higher than my comfortable vocal range. Specifically, it's a G4 whereas normally I can only go up to about an F4, maybe f# on a good day. Any tips on reaching the higher note? I try and use good basic technique but if there's any other techniques to try I'd like to hear them.
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Theres two things you can do.
1. Enter your mix register.
2. Using distortion/scream technique.

I bet theres plenty guides and tutorials out there, but they never really seem to work. The way me and a lot of my friends got the mix technique right, was to try and emulate people will a clear mixing. My highest note ever is atm A5 using my mix, because since i learned to emulate it, i've now learned to control it.

For some clear mixing, check out Alter Bridge, especially when they're playing live. You'll be able to hear it easily when he's mixing, for example Paradise City/Sweet Child with Slash.
For the distortion/scream technique. Well, i bet there's a lot of examples. But i'd suggest either Sebastian Bach (Skidrow) or Atle Pettersen (Above Symmetry).
Btw. When referring to "distortion/scream" technique. Im not talking about acutal screamo. But people using that technique to enter some kind of mix register.
Check out 2:38. Then you'll know what i mean.
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That note is an E5.
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