never played in one in my life, but i have jammed with my cousin who is a decent drummer. I know some theory like pentatonics, and a couple of major and minor chords and some led zep stuff.Im still learning and i have an instructor but i really want to start playing with other musicians but i dont know where to start.
How should we know? Just try it and find out for yourself
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Depends on the level of the other musicians somewhat, but you're the only one who actually knows the answer to that.
Sorry, double post, but I knew a lot less than you do now when I joined a band, so you should be ok
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if you have the opportunity to join or start a band do it! There is nothing like playing with other people to improve your skills as a musician.
Honestly all you need is the minor and major chords, and you've got that. Happy jamming dude!
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
All you need is a bunch of like-minded musicians. Not everyone joining / starting a band is in it to make a living off of it. So go out and have fun
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you will never be as great as you want to be, hopefully. you'll never stop learning new things.

but playing with people is the best way to get better, if you ask me.
I played solo for YEARS before ever jamming with anyone else. When I finally got to jam with other people, it was like my abilities and motivation increased exponentially. Not only did I improve faster, but I practiced a LOT more, which made me improve even faster, etc. Try to find other musicians with similar amount of experience if possible.
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Do it. Just make sure the people you join a band with no your aren't amazing. It's no problem, usually they won't be great either. (Just don't try out for a hyped, technical band, etc). Bands don't need to be incredibly talented and professional, it's just for fun.

Practicing with friends in a band is the best way to get better, so if you're not in a band yet, and you can play a few notes, go! Join one, start one, whatever!