I've gone through a couple different types and gauges of strings recently. i went from playing the titanium coated slinky's in a 10, then went to 11's. then i moved to whatever the name of the slinky's in a 12 is. i really miss the titanium coated strings because the tone was really punchy and the strings felt great and had amazing tone. i recently put on a pair of the beefy slinky's (11-54) and they felt awful and i didn't like the tone at all. i just picked up and put a pair of dunlop heavy core's in a 12-54. only played them for a minute or 2 but so far they feel pretty good.

my question is, does anyone have any recommendations of strings for me? has to have atleast a 54 or 56 low e string. i like a 12, 16, 20 on the high end. i don't remember the gauge on the last 2 but relatively tight (watever is on a normal set of 12's)
D'Addarios are what I consider to be the standard string, for me anyway. You should try them, they do many things well. Also try chromes, I like them on bass.
dadderio or dunlop 12's are good

or wait for the ernie ball cobalt strings to come out, those look like they are gonna be a game changer
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