Ive been really looking into buying a new guitar. I have a fender strat and a epiphany les paul standard and I love them both but I want to get something a little different this time around. The only problem is that I am left handed which cuts availability of guitars down to what seems like 5%.

I would really love to get a hollow body guitar but Im also on a tight budget since I'm still in university. Im looking to spend between $400-800 but don't want to have to settle for a no name brand.

Ive had my eye on the
Epiphone dot 335 or Sheraton
and the Eastwood classic 6

Does anyone have any other models or companies they can suggest that are within my price range? Ive seen a couple of Gretsch right handers on ebay for $750 so Im sure theres got to be a lefty out there somewhere.

Thanks a bunch
Ibanez makes one semi-hollow lefty in their Art Core series. It retails at about $480.00 (USD) http://www.ibanez.com/HollowBodyGuitars/model-AS73L

The guitar has a fairly good reputation, (AFAIK)

Some people claim the the Epi "Dot" has a somewhat chunky neck. I can't speak from experience but Ibanez electric necks are usually pretty decent.

I feel your frustration, I'm a southpaw also. These people carry a lot of left handed guitars, although I can't say I've seen what you're looking for at their site.... http://www.adirondackguitar.com/