I have an Epiphone g 400, and I hardly ever use it. Overall it is good for the money, but it doesn't sound too great either. I'm thinking that rather than trying to sell this thing, I could try and replace the pickups and see what happens. Its a light, thin guitar, so my best shot is to get a really thin, scratchy nice sounding tone (I'm thinking something with a lot of prominence in the higher frequencies).

the guitar tone in this song comes to mind.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LshrRkCFsxc

beautiful, scratchy, kind of vintage sounding. Is this doable with new pickups? I just need a good clean sound with some grit. any recommendations?
I'd try a P-90 fitted for a humbucker route. Stuff like the Symour Duncan Phat Cat or the Gibson P-94.

I haven't tried these pickups specifically, but if they sound like other P-90's I think they'll suit your needs perfectly.
What amp are you using?
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Good clean sound with some grit? Sounds like P90s. Though they don't have the "space" that I like in a guitar tone. TBH I loved the humbuckers in my G400 when I had one. Though with Epi pups are hit or miss (so I hear). Id go with something from GFS. Maybe something Vintage PAF style. Def humbucker though. Clarity is huge IMO.
Thanks for the replies guys. Ill check those models out, I am playing into a mesa blue angel