I've been doing some electronic stuff lately; it started as ambient music, but kinda expanded to other things. It's like the electronic equivalent of Post-Rock, although I'm still kinda working on the bigger climaxes; they're hell to program, so none of those have really happened yet. Still, here's some pretty chill stuff; tear it to pieces.

Five square roots - like it. sounds a bit too digital though. The drum part is cool and I like the melody on top of it. Is perhaps too long by about a minute.

Listened to a few of the other tracks and generally all got a nice sound as well. I think if they were produced differently they would sound even better so good job on the songwriting front.

Magnetism I reckon could easily be reworked into a great song - with lyrics and all. Good base there.

Closure's got a nice groove to it. Sounds really big and stuff which I like. First three minutes or so with some different drums could even be used on a hip-hop track. Really digging the phased stuff.

Good job mate. Got some great stuff there.


reminds me of modest mouse.
this sounds like something i wish my friends would make so i could jam with them.

all is forgiven is happy. im liking both of them

closure reminds me of modest mouse too, i guess i just listen to too much MM
about 5 minutes in was really cool, im diggin it.

last song is chill. im diggin all of these, theyre in the mood that im feeling atm.

liked them all