Howdy everyone, I'm a 20 year old rhythm guitarist searching for musicians in the Reading, Pennsylvania area. I'm interested in forming a metal band with a classic sound ie older thrash and punk. I'm not interested in the super low down tuned screaming metal. I understand that style is prominent yet its simply not my thing. I'm looking for a singer, other guitarist who can play lead, a bassist, and a drummer. I would like to stay in my age group and I'm not picky when it comes to skill, anything can be improved with practice. My dream is to start playing shows in the area and cut a demo of some kind unfortunately I have been unable to find anyone serious enough. I am a laid back dude and I love to have fun but I want to get a move on practicing and writing songs while having fun not just hanging out. If anyone is interested give me a holler, I don't have an ego and just enjoy music and want to share that with the right people.