Guitar tone is so muddy it's hard to tell what's being played outside the chorus. It is also one of my favorites from them too, so I know what is being done, but I can't hear it. The chorus line at 1 minute comes a little loud in the mix. Drums are well done, would be cool to hear some more bass in the mix. I like how you changed the original song up some, like using slightly different chords in the prechorus (you did if you didn't know). Good job on the solo, but sounds like one of the two harmonized parts is ever slightly off. At 3:33, the playing is a bit off, like the palm mute choked too much or something. Happens again slightly later. Despite my little qualms with it, excellent rendition sir. Mam. Bro. whatever.
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I thought your playing was pretty good. Your rhythm playing was almost perfect, except a couple of small missed bits at the end, as has been mentioned. Apart from that though it was pretty tight and you nailed all the rest of it. I thought the guitar solo was a little loud and you did seem to miss a couple of notes but I would agree with the above about the tone. I don't know what kind of amp you used to record it but it didn't sound as if it was fantastic. The only thing I can suggest to make it a bit clearer would be to reduce the gain a bit.

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Thanks guys, I'll definitely be tweaking my tones a bit, I've been getting a lot of feedback that they're too muddy. The differing chords in the prechorus was semi-intentional (couldn't be arsed to look up a tab), and that guitar solo kicks my ass on the best of days :P