Hello fellow musicians! my Names Apollo, I'll cut to the chase I'm looking for band members Guitarist,Bassist,Drummers, for my band KING OF HELL, I've been having some trouble finding people who are actually good players! I live in Watertown NY and have been playing guitar for going on 3 years I'm pretty good but I'm a WAY better vocalist

There's a lot of different elements incorporated in my music ,I love J-rock, Melodic Metal, some newer metalcore'ish kinda stuff and even some deathcore,

Imagine if..

Bullet for my valentine
Bring me the Horizon
Children of Bodom

all combined with each other to give you an Idea, but that's not even it! I dont believe in limiting myself when it comes to music! If I like the way it sounds we'll ****ing play it! if your interested in blending styles like me and Want to throw a Killer live show respond to this! or if you can recommend me some people, I have a 4 song demo coming out soon ;p Thank you and lets talk!