Blackstar HT5 mini stack for sale.

5 watt head, 2 40 watt cabs, footswitch and cab cables.

Amp sounds amazing, recieved some great awards from guitar magizines and review websites, Guitarist magizine gave it their Gold award.

Perfect condition, no marks or scratches, same condition when it left the box. Owned from new and very well looked after, never gigged.

If your in the south west of England I might be able to take it to you. Any shipping costs will be covered by the buyer.

£260 or offers.
It sounds like a great deal (live in the Midlands) but I don't know how loud one of these amps is and that's kind of make/break.
Hi there, yeah there pretty loud! Perfect for small-medium gigs, a chap in a motorhead style band round my way used one for gigs, always really good volume, even when with loud drummers!

Hope this helps
Amp is great need quick sell due to price, you would pay an extra 100 for a second hand one in a shop.
Quote by Grieve14
Fairly interested, any pics? where are you located?

Ill get some pics sent to you once Ive found my digital camera.

Ill PM you my details.

Amp is prestine condition. No marks scratches whatsoever. Looked after and cared for.