Hi Im new to playing the guitar . I am a left handed person but was teaching myself to play right handed . I was then advised that if I want to learn and make life easier for myelf i should learn the way i play air guitar which is left handed I have brought a left handed guitar now but I am really struggling with using my right hand to play Chords. I can hardly bend it and find that i cant really hold the strings very well or move my fingers to another string. This part I did not struggle with when playing right handed as my dominat hand the left was doing this for me. My question is should i continue practiceing with my left hand guitar and hopefully my right hand improves or should i go back to play right hand guitar. Also when picking up a guitar for the first time did you all struglle with the same problem that your weaker hand was really hard to use and it took time or did it feel pretty comfartbale right away.

thanks in advance

Go back to playing right handed guitars. If you end up wanting to buy a more expensive guitar, right handed guitars are cheaper and WAY easier to find.
I'm left handed and play left handed because that's what felt most comfortable to me. If you play air guitar left handed, you're the same as me. The reason it feels wierd playing left handed is that you've already started to learn right handed. My personal opinion is that you should play whichever way feels natural, which your air guitaring shows to be left handed. I truly believe you'll see benefits in the long run. But if you're comfortable playing right handed, keep playing that way. Austin_205 is correct about guitar selection. Lefties get a raw deal, but the selection is getting better all the time.

I'd also point you in the direction of this website: http://leftyfretz.com. Especially this page, which tackles the myths of the supposed benfits of lefties playing right handed. http://leftyfretz.com/myth-busted-learning-left-handed-guitar-is-harder.

As one last thought, you could just do a MAB and learn both ways...
As a lefty who plays lefty i'd suggest continuing on playing righty, especially if you've already started learning righty for awhile. As noted above us lefties have almost no choices when it comes to high end guitars. If you stick with playing righty your brain develops muscle memory for fretting, picking and whatnot meaning that it becomes more comfortable. I'm really strongly left handed (do almost everything predominantly with my left hand) so playing righty never really felt like an option for me. Alternatively you could try lefty but just be aware that your selection of guitars goes downhill majorly.