New song up, about six minutes, so it's somewhat lengthy!
I probably could've polished it some more but I wanted it up and running here to see what you think.

Right, so there's something of a story behind this song which I think could go nicely with some lyrics.

So, when I finished "Burst of energy" I thought of the EKG (which I'm not quite satisfied with but I can't seem to get it better) and this man on his deathbed. And the he dies, and everything prior to that section is kind of his life and the outro-thing is his life flashing by, in a montage kind of way. And yeah, I know this sounds pretty cheesy, but hey, look at my username.

Anyway, have a listen!

Edit: Removed the proggingt it up section, go down to post #7!
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Progressive-Reggae this is not. You liar.
The drums really grate on me during the intro, those ride bells are too fast and in my face. Half the speed ride cymbals would have done the job.
Guitar, strings and piano are all worked beautifully.
That off key bit in something's amiss is certainly odd...
Some nice bass fills.
The distortion is added nicely, and the epic bit is sweet.
So far you've really worked the 'odd' time sigs in nicely, they flow beautifully.
The 5/8 glitch section was a nice change.
And the prog riff... hmmm.... not sure this is the direction I wanted it to take.
But the transition is nice and it goes back to how things were before, seems the prog riff was an odd fleeting moment. Piano is lovely here. The chromatic runs sound very Zelda-ish for some reason.
Weary is a welcome slow down, nice to have a break. Still think it sounds like Zelda music haha.
Burst of energy is excellent. Really love it. Proggy but fits the song, whereas I think the previous prog section didn't. Reminds me of old Memphis May Fire meets BTBAM. Excellent riff, really the 14/16 and 15/16 works really well. Fantastic solo too.
Well last breath is odd... He dead... How sad....
A welcome return to the intro, nicely done. Works well as an ending.
Absolutely loved it bar a few things which I've mentioned, well done.
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this may have been my favorite thing ive ever listened to on this forum. the movement was perfect, it had great pace and stayed interesting the whole time. Your lead work is impeccable, its not to over bearing and sounds great, i love the part when the synth come in to harmonize. the glitch part was fantastic. This is great work, i will be listing to all of your other peices now...
****ing Beautiful. No disrespect... But I wasn't sure you could produce something to top Dreamstate, which I enjoyed so much I actually learned it on bass. :P However, I was wrong on so many levels. I cannot properly elucidate how much I enjoyed this. I agree with rage, as I also think this is my favorite (if not impossibly close) thing I've ever listened to on the forum. I loved the part where you introduced the electronic drums.

Everything in the piece is impeccable, nothing is out of place. I don't hand these out very often, but you got it... 10/10.

I hope you record this one day.
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The clock strikes midnight
When tomorrow and today collide
The moon is at its highest
And the twilight seems fitting
For in these moments
The light at the end of the world
Shines like a thousand suns....

Victor Gutierrez
I seem remember listening to this when it was just the intro. Have you posted it on here before? Anyway, I kind of agree with the thing about the ride bells being too in your face. Maybe change them to normal rides? And the "progging it up" section seemed a bit unnecesary to me. It wasn't bad, but I kind of think that if it wasn't there, it wouldn't detract from the song any. But other than that, its still an incredible piece of music. Very well written.
Haha its always good to have cheesy scenes visualized out for a sort of framework to work in. This is a really good piece, uplifting and sort of tranquil. My only complaint is that the piano stuff is would sound kind of odd played on an actual piano, though it contributes to the atmosphere of the song for sure.
Kurzweil K2500xs
Damn man thats good stuff. Finally someone on UG who can write basslines. Especailly at Here We Are Again and He Lived a Good Life. good supportive line.
Not sure about Piano Solo?, sounds like it should be more of a bass interlude, its goin to be hard to solo over a bass as high and busy as that.

Overall I liked the sound of it. RANDOM TIMER was a little out of place but other than that good. It was catchy yet technical at the same time. 9/10

This is a very sentimental piece. Amazing writing dude I played this on my piano and It's wonderful. Have you thought about recording it?

I played it in my studio and I made a little demo check it out xD

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