Ive had a Cort earth70e ns for like 2 years and im thinking about buying a new acoustic.
is there a better guitar for around $300 or do i have a good guitar? i find the cort kind big and uncomfortable to play sometimes
a lot of people really like the cort, and it does have a solid top. on the other hand, if it's uncomfortable, perhaps you could find a 000 or OM you like in your price range. most of the guitars around $300 will be more of a lateral move - same level of guitar, different size - but you might find some that sound better to you. i personally don't care for the cort voice, but many people really dig it.

there's an all-solid recording king dread for $350
and also a 000 - these would be a step up if you liked them.

you might also consider a used taylor big baby as it's a slightly smaller dread.

btw, i kept playing my dread after it became uncomfortable and ended up injuring my shoulder. over 2 1/2 years later, i'm still getting over it, and can't play anything bigger than a 00 even yet.
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Patticake offers excellent advice, as always -- it sounds like you may prefer playing a smaller guitar.

It is not a good idea to risk repetitive strain-style injuries from playing an uncomfortable guitar. You'll be playing it for hundreds, even thousands of hours, so comfort is very important to encourage play and reduce the risk of injury.

I personally play a guitar that is only a wee bit smaller than a full-sized dread. The bass isn't as boomy as a dread, and I think it has better tonal balance from treble to bass. I like it. But for you, it depends on what music you like to play, what sounds good to your ear, and what is sufficiently comfortable to play.

Happy guitar hunting!