Poll: Which is your strongest hand?
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Fretting hand
50 35%
Picking hand
45 32%
Fapping hand
46 33%
Voters: 141.
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So, do you think you have a better picking or fretting hand?

I'd personally go with picking hand: I can play super fast tremolo picking, gallops, metal riffs, chugga chugga, etc, but my fretting hand is not that good.
I voted fapping hand just because, but I'm really sure. I have very poor grip strength in both hands though.
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I'm a lefty who plays righty. I'm alright at fretting, but my picking is straight up beginner level.
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Is your super ultra fast tremolo picking in time? Or is that your wanking hand?
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The wrist of my picking hand is strong as balls, but the fingers are weak (I don't fingerpick enough. ), and it's the opposite with my fretting hand.
Fretting hand, because I'm left handed. It is the same as the hand to which the third poll option refers.

If you didn't figure it out already, I'm a lefty.
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It sounds like that will accomplish a lot. And I don't think either of mine is stronger, as I always feel more stress on my fretting, but can't exactly have one moving faster and more accurately than the other too much. Although I can technically pick faster, I don't because it doesn't have as much oomph or gets messy.

Shit, the poll's near even.
fretting hand, because I'm a lefty playing right-handed.
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My left hand. I'm right handed and write with my right hand, but my left, because of years of guitar playing, is both strong and agile.
Even know I'm right handed, strangely enough my left fretting hand is stronger. My right hand picking technique needs work now that I've stopped anchoring.
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Picking hand. I've never really had a problem with picking patterns. The only struggle I've ever had was with the picking pattern in Meshuggah's Bleed.
Now my fretting hand is complete shit. With bass, I'm perfectly fine (I don't pick with bass, I play with my fingers so my answer for the above is in regards to guitar), but with guitar, since I'm primarily a bass player, I just can't stop fretting so heavy handedly.
Fretting hand, for sure.

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Picking hand. I've never really had a problem with picking patterns. The only struggle I've ever had was with the picking pattern in Meshuggah's Bleed.

*is jealous*

I suck at galloping and fast picking patterns so much.
My right arm is stronger than my left arm, but the fingers on my left hand are stronger than those on my right.

so idk
My left picking hand is stronger, all though I'm right handed. I shattered my right wrist a few months back when I jumped off a swing at full throttle. That ended VERY badly... Had my right arm in a cast for a good two months, and it weakened beyond belief. My attempts at flying stopped after that as well.
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Well, now that I get the context.... it's still my right hand/picking hand. I've done a lot of tremelo work/practice and pretty much will play a guitar whether or not I have a pick, and after 4 or so years of doing that I've developed a pretty good finger picking ability.

In fact, my picking is the only thing I've really worked to practice because it's so straightforward to work on. I have decent technique with my fretting hand, but it seems so tedious and too nuanced for me to want to sit down and practice the correct finger angle for everything.
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didn't read OP, picked fretting hand.

I thought this was about arm wrestling, so I chose this because my left hand is incredibly strong. Didn't know this until someone challenged me to do a lefthanded match...

ANYWAYS, both hands are kinda similar, I can fret fast, I can pick fast but doing both at the same time...
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My picking/plucking hand.
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My right hand is stronger, but my left is more articulate.
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My hands are about equal. The fretting hand is a wee bit slower than my right hand. When I alternate pick, I tend to hit too many notes. My hand just spazzes out and goes crazy fast. I can do legato like a boss, but alternate picking is my weakness. Inside picking really **cks me up.
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I voted the joke option because both my hands suck and are out of sync with one another
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Fretting hand definitely, I cannot pick properly fast to save my life even after 5 years of playing
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I'm really good with picking, usually my left hand can't keep up.

As for option 3, switch hitter here.
Idk what you mean by strength. Playing wise both. Physically left
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Picking hand. Learning classical guitar also helped me learned more picking techniques as well.
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I really don't know. I'm slightly ambidextrous. My fingers are stronger on my left hand, but my right wrist is stronger.
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I'm a lefty who plays righty.

I think you are one among many on this forum. I believe that, in a recent poll, 30 % of voters identified themself as lefties who play righty.

Myself included, of course.
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