This problem is beginning to annoy me. I'm using Enrie Ball 10-52 gauge strings seriously thick strings and the low E snapped at the bridge. It didn't actually snap more just stretched but it's basically ****ed anyway have to go and splash more money on another set of strings.

This is about the 4th time the past few months this has happened. If anyone has any idea why this is would greatly appreciate what can be done to stop this.

If you're wondering my guitars are a Dean Razorback and a Jackson V (both low-end models with a bolt on neck. I'll be getting a higher end Jackson soon).
Look at the saddle,the piece the sting sits in on the bridge, they get sharp in the v notch and that will cut the string. Some times you can file it down sometimes you need a new one. If you rub a finger across the v and it hurts...thats the problem. After file ing it you need to check your height and intonation.
What the hell!!!
File it down or get some string saver saddles. It worked for me.
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like said above check for a burr in the saddle. you can take some 600+ grit sand paper, roll it into a little tube that will fit in the saddle grove and sand it down.

Another thing, do you clean your strings alot?

And I'm sure you do lots of palm mutes with a Dean. And if you are lots of oils/moisture will go right to the saddle which will make them break much faster.
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in my experience, dean bridges are a pain in the ass. try filing it down, its really strange that your low e is breaking, make sure youre not settling the string on the bridge somehow and then tightening it, which would make the bridge act like a saw.
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I make sure the strings are in the saddle correctly, kind of a rookie mistake really. I've never had this problem before and I've had both guitars for over 2 years (Dean for 3 I think).

At the moment my expectations are not very high if I was to spent more money on new saddles cos knowing the luck I'm having with my strings the same shit will just happen.