So, I recently bought myself this sweet Ibanez 4-string bass (GSR 200, bass boost, etc). I've been playing 6-string guitar for about 6 years before, and got the bass guitar to try something new (also, as a graduation gift to myself ).
The thing is, I'm not sure I know how to play bass. So far I've done basic licks and riffs, such as the bass intro for GnR Sweet Child of Mine, and whenever I play songs I don't know the bass parts for (or none exist), I generally play around with the base note of each cord (or sometimes play by ear from there), which sounds all right, but just so....basic. So the question I have, is how do I learn from here? Should I try to memorise the bass tablature of my favourite songs, or should I start learning music theory? I'd like to be able to improvise and what not, I'm more than willing to learn. I have never had a formal guitar lesson in my life, neither do I know anything about music theory, scales, etc.

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