Hi, I'm a newbie from Belgium on this forum.
Here my first mail and direct an question:
I received a guitar in repair and I took some pictures.
Allthough the quality is not so good take a look.
It must be a very old guitar and the owner told me it came from an ex POW (WW2) of Slovak origin.
If you look at the pickup it seems to be a so called horse shoe element (correct me if it isn't correct).
The output us via banana plugs.
The name is not clear and inside there are no marks whatsoever...
If you have any idea, let me know.
Here the link to the pictures:
It looks like a lapsteel to me....
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Quote by LaidBack
It looks like a lapsteel to me....

Definitely looks a lot like a lapsteel. But I think it could be a resonator as well. Lapsteels are usually a little more square looking, aren't they?
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