Hi all,

I'm trying to form a band at the moment and wrote this song as a sample of the kind of sound I want to go for. Imagine Amon Amarth or Insomnium style vocals for the final song. Also there are no drum fills or anything yet. Any critique or comments? If you leave a link I'll return the favour.


That intro hits like a ton of bricks. That's some heavy stuff right there. The chord progression actually reminds me of a really, really heavy Alcest, especially when that lead part comes in on top of it all.

The riffs sound like a less tremolo-happy Amon Amarth, maybe from their Fate of the Nords era. I really like your sound on this one. The bridge is particularly interesting, especially that lead part. It's got a neat vibe to it with those slides and the tapping.

Overall, really nice. It could definitely use the Amon Amarth vocals over those riffs. That would be really crushing indeed.

Thanks for the feedback, sorry it's taken a while to get back to you.

I really like this track it reminds me of Be-lakor or old In Flames. The guitar tones are really thick and crunchy and the way you layer different parts on top of each other sounds great. The lead part at about 2:25 is wicked, it sounds really unique and it's one of those bits that you would remember a song by. The first solo at 1:15 is really great too, I find that slow melodic solos like this are the hardest to pull off effectively, but you nailed this one. Overall really awesome track, some drum fills and vocals would make it even better.
Like the other song, very heavy and melodic. Clean a precise playing throughout. This one sounds even more in the zone of Amon Amarth's music, but not enough to be ripping their sound. Everything flows, the verses/leads/chorus are all great. This is what I'd expect in a lot of the heavier MDM. Section around 2:30 is just kick ass, wasn't expecting that. Nice to have twists like that in music that is already great. Only suggestion I have is, please make a damn CD, don't get a crappy Vocalist, get one with real power and range in his voice. Thanks for sharing this!